Become Familiar with the Color-Coded Downtown Parking Zones

New color coded parking areas, orange in the Downtown core and green along the perimeter, will help you determine the best place to park.

Park in the Orange Area if you are running an errand, need less time, and don’t mind paying a little more. The higher price encourages turnover, makes it easier for you and other customers to find a spot, and is better for business.

Orange Zone: 4th and 3rd Avenues from El Camino Real to B Street S; 2nd Avenue from San Mateo Drive to B Street S; San Mateo Drive, Ellsworth Drive, and B Street South from 2nd to 4th Avenues.

Park in the Green Area if you are a downtown employee, need more time, and don’t mind a little walk. This area is a few steps from the Downtown core, it’s less expensive, and provides more options for all-day parking.

Green Zone:  Tilton to 9th Avenues; El Camino Real to Delaware except Orange Zone area.

Explore the map to become familiar with the new color coded parking zones.


Central Area

 Central Garage Street Level: $1/Hour, 3-Hour Limit
Other Levels: $.50/Hour, No Time Limit
 Street Spaces $1/Hour, Time Limit Varies

Perimeter Area

 Garages Street Level: $.50/Hour, 3-Hour Limit
Other Levels: $.50/Hour, No Time Limit
 Surface Lots $.50/Hour, 3-Hour Limit
 Street Spaces $0.50/Hour, Time Limit Varies
 Surface Lot $.25/Hour, $30/Monthly Permit



Downtown San Mateo is a vibrant place to live, work, and play. There is an abundance of parking – nearly 3,000 public parking spaces located in garages, on the street, and at surface lots throughout Downtown.